I am now posting sporadically over at a new blog called Krodel Keepsakes. You can find it here.


Krodel Keepsakes is moving to a blog with the name Krodel Keepsakes in the URL.
I figured out you could do that all by myself. Smart huh? This blog is going to be remodeled and might look pretty messy for a while. I'll be starting something special on the new blog so, move on over there. OK?  You can find it here.


It's been a rough day.

But, I am ok. Dad is going to get me an M&M Blizzard.

Music by Zachary

Thought I'd share some music composed by my son Zachary.
Click here then click on on "Play All" and it will play the entire album for you. Enjoy!

Abigail's First Year of Wrapping!

In honor of Abigail's first birthday and babywearing, I thought I'd share some pictures of wrapping her during this past year. And, no, I do not own zillions of different wraps. I joined and bought some, traded some and joined a few traveling wrap groups so I that I could try out lots of different wraps. It has been lots of fun!

Happy First Birthday to my precious little baby girl!!!

I have loved every single second of our snuggles together. I will miss those moments dearly when you are bigger. Please, don't grow up too fast.

Abigail is ONE!

After a eating a quesadilla for supper, we started the party!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Bath Time!

Sorry honey, I don't think there is room in the tub for one more.